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The mobile app industry is enormous! Over 197 Billion apps were downloaded last year alone, that’s over 500 million downloads per day! This is expected to nearly double by 2021 to over 350 Billion app downloads in one year!
It’s time to get a piece of the action! United Games is helping people like you, financially benefit from mobile apps without the need to own or develop an app.
We’re giving an exclusive group of people a HUGE opportunity. Become a United Games Affiliate and help us share apps with the world, and we will give you a piece of the revenue generated...revenue from ALL the different apps offered.

It’s as easy as 1...2...3. Simply share a FREE app, download and use additional apps offered, and encourage others to do the same. That’s it! You gotta check this out!


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United Games is THE way to generate income with mobile apps. We are changing the game by helping people financially benefit using OTHER PEOPLE’S APPS.

United Games provides top notch teams of game makers, app developers, marketing, training and support, providing all who join the United Games team access to our dedicated organization as well as all the tools necessary to be successful.


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It all started when we had the idea to create the better way to play, where EVERYONE could win! We created our first app, called FireFan, with an arcade model; use tokens, play for tickets, redeem for rewards!

We launched FireFan over a year ago and had more than 120,000 downloads in our first week, becoming the number 1 trending app. We quickly grew to a million plus players in 233 countries and have since redeemed over 120,000 prizes with more redemptions happening every day!

We started with FireFan, a sports focused game, because over 4 Billion people around the world consider themselves sports fans. A game that allows you to play along with some of the world’s largest sports like soccer, football, basketball, and baseball seemed like a good way to attract the masses!


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Through the FireFan Playbook, you can use and/or play other apps that generate rewards for you INSIDE of FireFan. For example, you download and play Solitaire and FireFan will give you 3 Tokens to play with and 10 Tickets to redeem! The more tokens you get, the more you can play, the more points and achievements you can unlock - giving you even more tickets to redeem for cool rewards like Starbucks or Amazon gift cards, vacations, game consoles and much more!

As a United Games Affiliate, not only do you get to redeem your tickets for rewards, you also generate a commission on ALL token acquired for those you invite to the game, FOREVER!