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Mobile apps and Sports. The mobile app market is on its way to becoming a half trillion dollar industry. The global sports industry is already over one trillion dollars, and United Games is offering you a place at the table as we capitalize on both of these ENORMOUS industries.
Share for FREE. We’ve developed a mobile app called FireFan™ – a sports game that is free to download and play. When you invite other to play, you get paid. For the past year, we’ve been testing our app with US sports like Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Now we are ready to support the largest followed game in the world...Soccer!
Everybody wins! We give away tons of gift cards daily and thousands of dollars in cash every month within our game. When your players win, we match 50% and give it to YOU. You’ll also be earning a commission while others play a sports game with their friends and family, AND you’ll win when they win. With the most popular sport worldwide in your pocket/in the palm of your hand, you have unprecedented, unlimited earning potential. When you share this FREE app, others play FREE, and everybody wins. Join us as we introduce the World’s Sports App to the billions of soccer fans across the globe.


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United Games is a mobile app development and promotions company with an Affiliate Marketing business model. United Games provides top notch teams of game makers, app developers, marketing, training and support. We provide our Affiliates who join the United Games team access to our dedicated organization as well as all the tools necessary to help them build successful business capitalizing on the explosive world of mobile games.
With company headquarters located in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes, United Games has been disrupting the mobile gaming community with its unique approach to partnering with its Affiliates, player acquisition strategies, and an unwavering commitment to bringing the most exciting, best-in-class apps to the market.


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On Thanksgiving Day 2016, United Games® released its first app, a mobile game called FireFan, a live interactive sports game that capitalizes on the roughly 3.9 billion sports fans worldwide. In the first 6 months after its initial release, FireFan trended as one of the top global trending apps 3 different times. FireFan also consistently ranks as on of the top 10 sports apps worldwide, and one of the top 100 games in 21 different countries.
With 3.9 billion sports fans and over 1 billion people playing mobile games daily, FireFan is positioned to continue topping the charts - and you can take part in this ever-growing game community. As we progress, United Games will also promote other games, continuing to leverage the power of the marketing channel to introduce games to the world.


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We at United Games® are on a mission to become the world’s interactive app experience and change the way mobile apps are marketing and shared. Instead of traditional mass media advertising strategies, we reward our Affiliates who share our mobile apps with others worldwide.